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This week July 15 - July 21
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July 1 Outdoor Kids Club all month long!
July 24-27 Youth Camping trip St. Joe

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                                             Small Groups

Small groups provide a place to connect with others more deeply, grow in your understanding of the Bible, and learn how to apply it to your life.  

Everyone is on a spiritual journey. Wherever you are on that journey – taking your first exploratory steps or well along the path - connecting with others along the way will encourage you to grow spiritually, relationally and emotionally. To help you do that, Foothills has organized a network of small groups that meet in people’s homes throughout the week to develop friendships with each other and learn more about Jesus and living for Him.


What are small groups?

Everyone involved in a Small Group is in the process of growing closer to, learning from, and serving Jesus.  It’s a place to ask questions, learn about prayer, care for others, serve together and enjoy life together.


Most groups meet on a weekly basis at different times and locations during the week in order to accommodate a variety of schedules.  Most of our groups study the passage covering the last week’s sermon.


Interested in joining a small group?

Call the office at (509) 926-4971 and check out the map below for general locations - currently, we have groups in the following areas.


Foothills North
Northwood (Argonne Hill)
Foothills South
Foothills Central
Orchard Prairie
East Valley (Trent)