Sunday Services
9:00   Worship
          Youth Sunday School
10:15 Connection Time
10:45 Worship
(Including Nursery &
  Children’s Church both services.)
12:30 Christmas Choir rehearsal

This week Dec 3-Dec 10
Mon  6:30 pm FF Quilt group Christmas party
Tue   7:00 pm Lauren Dunning bridal shower
Wed  6:30 pm AWANA
Thu   7:00 pm Thrive Youth group
Sat   noon Women’s Christmas Luncheon

       December Calendar

       Coming This Month
Dec 11 Prime Timers Lunch
Dec 15 Norma Rogers memorial
Dec 23 Joint all church service
Dec 24 Candlelight service

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Sermons   Archives  

12/02/2018  Steve Stager   “Like Us” Hebrews 2:10-18
11/25/2018  Jerry Kennedy “An Example of Thankfulness” Luke 7:36-50
11/18/2018  Steve Stager  “Dust & Glory” PwrPnt
11/11/2018  Steve Stager  “How Then Shall We Live?”  PwrPnt

                                         “Three Talks for Men (that will benefit women too)”
11/04/2018  Steve Stager   #3 “All In”  PwrPnt  Video
10/28/2018  Steve Stager   #2 “You Only Go Around Once”  PwrPnt
10/21/2018  Steve Stager   #1 “Be Afraid” PwrPnt

10/14/2018  Steve Stager     #3 “Prophet, Priest & King” Hebrews 1:1-4 PwrPnt
10/07/2018  Rich Mattocks    Luke 19:11-17  Video PwrPnt
09/30/2018  Steve Stager     #2 “Yes to Jesus, Yes to God” Hebrews 1:1-4
09/23/2018  Steve Stager     #1 “Draw Near” (Overview of Hebrews)  PwrPnt
09/16/2018  Jerry Larson      “Rooftop Love”  Luke 5:17-25
08/26/2018  Steve Stager      “Songs of Summer” Psalm 63 PwrPnt
08/19/2018  Steve Stager      “Songs of Summer” Psalm 62 PwrPnt
08/12/2018  Steve Stager      “Songs of Summer” Psalm 34
08/05/2018  Joe Hendrickson  “Songs of Summer” Psalm 107
07/29/2018  Greg Petrie         “The Pilgrim’s Perspective” Psalm 132
07/22/2018  Greg Petrie         “The Road to Joy”  Psalm 100
07/15/2018  Jerry Kennedy    “Songs of Summer”  Psalm 32;2 Samuel 12:1-4
7/08/2018  Steve Stager      “Songs of Summer” Psalm 8  Video
07/01/2018  Steve Stager      “Songs of Summer” Psalm 2

06/24/2018  Steve Stager         “New Creation 3: All Things New”
06/17/2018  Steve Stager         “New Creation 2: Life Together” PwrPnt
06/10/2018  Joe Hendrickson     “New Creation 1:Abundant Life”  John10:10  PwrPnt
06/03/2018  Steve Stager          “Redemption 3:Life Right Now… and Forever”  PwrPnt
05/27/2018  Steve Stager          “Redemption: The Death He Died” PwrPnt
05/20/2018  Steve Stager           “Redemption: The Life God Gives” PwrPnt
05/13/2018  Steve Stager           “Fall:Going Up is Going Down” Gen 11:1-9  Video PwrPnt
05/06/2018  Steve Stager           “Fall: Spreading Darkness“  PwrPnt
04/29/2018  Jordan Tanner          “Fall: The Lie & the Break that Broke it all”  PwrPnt
04/22/2018  Steve Stager            “Creation: The Meantime (Life Together #2)”
04/15/2018  Steve Stager            “Creation: The Endgame (Life Together #1)” PwrPnt
04/08/2018  Steve Stager            “Creation: Spreading GOODNESS”  PwrPnt
04/01/2018  Steve Stager            “The Servant King” Part 2  PwrPnt
03/25/2018  Steve Stager            “The Servant King” Part 1 PwrPnt
03/18/2018  Steve Stager            “Living Forward”  PwrPnt
03/11/2018  Steve Stager            “God Intended Life“  PwrPnt
03/04/2018  Jerry Kennedy          “A Victor’s Commission”

02/25/2018  Steve Stager             “Redemption Promise”
02/18/2018  Steve Stager             “The Goodness of Stubborness”
02/11/2018  Steve Stager             “Dying to Self and the Provision of God”
02/04/2018  Steve Stager             “Sovereignty & Rest” PwrPnt

01/28/2018  Steve Stager             “Distinguished”  PwrPnt
01/21/2018  Steve Stager             “How Will We Get There”  PwrPnt
01/14/2018  Steve Stager             “Where Are You Going?”  PwrPnt
01/07/2018  Joe Hendrickson        “God’s Sovereignity in the Mess of Life”