Sunday Services
  9:00 Worship
          Youth Sunday School
10:15 Connection Time
10:45 Worship
(Including Nursery &
  Children’s Church Both services.)

This week Sep 17 - Sep 23
Mon      7 pm Men’s study in CE building
Wed 6:30 pm AWANA/Parent study
Thu       7 pm Thrive - Youth group

    Coming in September

Sep 29 Women’s fall brunch
Sep 30 All church hayride

   Coming Next Month

Oct 5 Foothills Jubilee!!

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Sermons   Archives  

09/16/2018  Jerry Larson      “Rooftop Love”  Luke 5:17-25
                                               “Lifestyle Evangelism Seminar”  Contact Jerry
08/26/2018  Steve Stager      “Songs of Summer” Psalm 63 PwrPnt
08/19/2018  Steve Stager      “Songs of Summer” Psalm 62 PwrPnt
08/12/2018  Steve Stager      “Songs of Summer” Psalm 34
08/05/2018  Joe Hendrickson  “Songs of Summer” Psalm 107
07/29/2018  Greg Petrie         “The Pilgrim’s Perspective” Psalm 132
07/22/2018  Greg Petrie         “The Road to Joy”  Psalm 100
07/15/2018  Jerry Kennedy    “Songs of Summer”  Psalm 32;2 Samuel 12:1-4
7/08/2018  Steve Stager      “Songs of Summer” Psalm 8  Video
07/01/2018  Steve Stager      “Songs of Summer” Psalm 2

06/24/2018  Steve Stager         “New Creation 3: All Things New”
06/17/2018  Steve Stager         “New Creation 2: Life Together” PwrPnt
06/10/2018  Joe Hendrickson     “New Creation 1:Abundant Life”  John10:10  PwrPnt
06/03/2018  Steve Stager          “Redemption 3:Life Right Now… and Forever”  PwrPnt
05/27/2018  Steve Stager          “Redemption: The Death He Died” PwrPnt
05/20/2018  Steve Stager           “Redemption: The Life God Gives” PwrPnt
05/13/2018  Steve Stager           “Fall:Going Up is Going Down” Gen 11:1-9  Video PwrPnt
05/06/2018  Steve Stager           “Fall: Spreading Darkness“  PwrPnt
04/29/2018  Jordan Tanner          “Fall: The Lie & the Break that Broke it all”  PwrPnt
04/22/2018  Steve Stager            “Creation: The Meantime (Life Together #2)”
04/15/2018  Steve Stager            “Creation: The Endgame (Life Together #1)” PwrPnt
04/08/2018  Steve Stager            “Creation: Spreading GOODNESS”  PwrPnt
04/01/2018  Steve Stager            “The Servant King” Part 2  PwrPnt
03/25/2018  Steve Stager            “The Servant King” Part 1 PwrPnt
03/18/2018  Steve Stager            “Living Forward”  PwrPnt
03/11/2018  Steve Stager            “God Intended Life“  PwrPnt
03/04/2018  Jerry Kennedy          “A Victor’s Commission”

02/25/2018  Steve Stager             “Redemption Promise”
02/18/2018  Steve Stager             “The Goodness of Stubborness”
02/11/2018  Steve Stager             “Dying to Self and the Provision of God”
02/04/2018  Steve Stager             “Sovereignty & Rest” PwrPnt

01/28/2018  Steve Stager             “Distinguished”  PwrPnt
01/21/2018  Steve Stager             “How Will We Get There”  PwrPnt
01/14/2018  Steve Stager             “Where Are You Going?”  PwrPnt
01/07/2018  Joe Hendrickson        “God’s Sovereignity in the Mess of Life”