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Missions at Foothills  

The purpose of the Missions Committee at Foothills Community Church is to promote and support both long term and short term mission activities in the church body, in our community, and in mission fields throughout the world.

For us, Missions is defined as any endeavor beyond our local area to fulfill the great commission of Christ by proclaiming the gospel of Christ. This is accomplished by revealing God’s love and mercy; by relating to the whole need of mankind: spiritual, physical, and emotional; and by inviting them into a saving relationship with Christ.


The Responsibilities of the Missions Committee are to:  

  • Stimulate intercessory prayer for our missionaries and world evangelism.
  • Educate and inspire the congregation in the field of world missions.  Help stimulate and recruit volunteers for mission service.
  • Administer funds allocated to missions.
  • Serve as a liaison between our church and missionaries, mission agencies, and related organizations.
  • Care for missionaries on furlough.
  • Administer and evaluate the missions program.
  • Update the Foothills Mission’s policy.


 The following Missionaries are supported and encouraged by Foothills Community Church:


These Missionaries are encouraged by Foothills Community Church: